Feb 10

2008-2010: ZR_MRR

So , as this is my glorious first post, a bit of explaining is probably in need.

Me: I am Zachary Rubin, a 3rd year at UCSB studying Electrical Engineering in the College of Engineering, and Computer Science in the College of Creative Studies.

It is customary  College of Creative Studies students to give an oral Mid Residency Review  to  “… report on their progress, reflect on what they have set out to do, what they have accomplished so far and where they want to go…”   so instead of just throwing together another powerpoint, this seemed to bee a good excuse to finally [re]build an up to date hobby inspired blogish  website – and  start by filling with content which would dually serve the purpose of supporting my MRR.

So here we are.

I applied to the CCS program in the Spring of 2008 so we’ll start with the following summer

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