Aug 11

Ubuntu’s boot time black magic


In the not too distant past I was a hardcore Gentoo geek. My computer was MY computer, and its speed and the extent to which it was custom tailored were personal points of pride. Over time more and more of my friends made the switch to Ubuntu, and urged me to follow suit. I resisted.


One day one of these friends challenged me to a boot race and my custom Gentoo kernel was pwnd by a stock Ubuntu build running on [slightly] inferior hardware. So I stopped resisting and agreed to give n00buntu a try.


Not having to untangle circular dependencies or spend hours surfing the forums to get my _____ device working, I’ve have grown increasingly fat, lazy, deaf, dumb, and blind to the inner workings of my system. I’ve become more and more content with the idea that Ubuntu is so fantastical because of black magic pixie dust sprinkled into the source code.


I was reminded again of this boot time wizardry again today while working with a Gumstix Overo board, when a rootstock generated headless Ubuntu build loaded noticeably faster than the Gumstix’s preloaded Angstrom image. Then I came across this forum post titled All about ureadhead :



from http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1434502

thanks Keybuk

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