Aug 10

Fork in the blog


New paper – Judo Hoko!!1
Yep thats my excuse for not writing to my own blog in like ever…

Not to mention the 1.5hour plus talk on it I had to give (ok maybe it was kinda fun 🙂 ) but at present I really don’t feel like translating it from ivory tower english to blogish.. maybe someday .. but now id rather be off to bigger and better things …
** side question : does anyone who has written technical papers feel like it destroys your ability to write creatively? maybe i’ve just been around too many robots and have started to assimilate..

Forking my Blog!

ok so i created this blog intending for it to be a mostly technical space with posts on my geeky shit, and recently its started to get diluted with info on my Japan travel. Yes all geeks love Japan, but this month Ill be doing serious travel (and not so serious study) and want to use a blog format to keep a daily log of the things i see and places visited. It would be too much to post here.
Also i kinda wanted to give tumblr a try (guilty as charged) it seems like its more fit for a blog with short daily posts , maybe with a few pictures.

in my impatient , not-feeling-like-writing-very-much mood, here is the story:
This is the bike:

This is Japan:

These are the places I want to visit most:

Im going to try to keep the tumblr site up to date with comments and pictures; check it out!

PS: sorry if im a bit overzealous with the classless informalities and slang in this post, i feel like i just have to make up for lost time or something


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