Dec 10

Too much privacy to be Geeky?

Privacy is a good thing, I am a proud member of the EFF and support the notion that everyone should be careful how they share their personal data.
However, now that I have a budding interest in data mining and information visualization, all of my friends who have tightened down the bolts on their facebook profile seem to be limiting my potential to do really awesome shit with the facebook api :/
Specifically, I am referring to the (relatively new?) facebook privacy options which allow users to make less information available to a app being run by a user, than would be available to that user if they were visiting the page in a browser.
Amateur non-commercial facebook application privileges. An app could be registered such that its use would have several restrictions (small number of users, non-commercial, etc) but in exchange it could get access to everything that was already available on the users page, but still subject to the restrictions/blocks dictated by the friendship connection. This could even be managed through a “some of my friends are geeks” option, enabled by default, within the privacy settings. This way absolutely no amount of control over privacy would be lost with this addition.
If you are reading this , what do you think? Still too scary? Far fetched? I’d be interested in hearing other opinions


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