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In LOVE with all my courses – how it should be.

ECE 153b – Sensor Peripheral Interface/Design
More on hardware description languages; field-programmable logic and ASIC design techniques. Bus interfacing. Mixed-signal techniques: A/D and D/A converter interfaces; video and audio signal acquisition, processing and generation, communication and network interfaces, basic motor control (PID).
Currently working on a circuit/program which acquires an signal via ADC, and replays it over DAC. Full Lab Report coming soon!

ECE 181C / ME 170C – Intro to Robot Control
Overview of robot control technology from open-loop manipulators and sensing systems,
to single-joint servovalves and servomotors, to integrated adaptive force and position
control using feedback from machine vision and touch sensing systems. Design emphasis
on accurate tracking accomplished with minimal algorithm complexity.

21.7 second Wall Following bot:

RoboRat Solo Time Trials Tomorrow!
RoboRat Final Competition W2010

ECE 130B – Discrete Time Signal Processing
Analysis of discrete- and continuous-time linear systems in the time and frequency
domains. Superposition and convolution. Bilateral and unilateral Laplace and Z
transforms. Fourier series, Fourier transforms, discrete Fourier transforms. Filtering,
modulation, and sampling. — Usefull Stuff!

MAT 259 – Information Visualization
Exploration the visual organization of information. Lectures, readings and technical demos will focus on a range of conceptual models of data visual mapping as implemented in various disciplines, artistic, statistical and scientific, that are used to represent information visually.

-2D Spatial Visualization link

-3D Interactive Visualization
Coming Soon!

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