Feb 10


Physics 15 lab – FerroFluid Fountain!

FerroFluid Fountain

This was quite a fun project; completed as part of the honors/ccs physics lab series in which students are commissioned to design and build a physics demonstration for use with undergrad lectures. The basin holds ~60 ml of the ferrofluid which is sucked into the middle, pulled to the sides, or drawn up the centerpiece by electromagnets whose field can be manipulated to be constant or exhibit patterns dictated by the array of buttons/knobs mounted to the front panel. I should really upload a picture of the whole unit.. Anyway, this also resulted in my group and me being invited to show it off on behalf of ccs at a benefactor’s event – and man do they feed people at those events well 🙂

FerroFluid Fountain! from Z R on Vimeo.

ECE 152b Digital Design Methodologies – like being GOD!
Build a 4-bit RISC Computer!! Register Transfer Level Design, Clocking, b bus architectures, pipelining, control units, memory systems, microcoded systems.

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